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October 16, 2020

Love is My Why: Engagement Photography

Engagement photography has to be one of my absolute favorite kind of images to capture. I say that because of clients like Autumn. I met Autumn years ago before I came a Wedding Photographer. She was the model for a brand I had been working with at the time. I would have never guessed that years later, I would be capturing engagement photography for her along with many more meaningful memories in her and her family’s life. I captured her engagement photos, wedding day, maternity photographs and countless images of her two sons.

Mr. & Mrs Meyers Love Story

Autumn and her husband Trell have something so beautiful. I see it every time they enter a room. They are young and so in love, floating on cloud nine with their children. These are the connections that fume the fire of passion within me. Capturing engagement photography is like capturing the beginning stages in a couple’s beautiful love story. My engagement clients , especially, become friends and I get the privilege of being the person who captures their memories. These memories are hung in their living rooms and put in their photo albums. These same photographs are held onto decades later and will be shared through generations to become when we both aren’t here anymore. 

My Why

If you ask me my why, there it is. I find nothing more pleasurable than knowing that the day I leave this earth, I would have really left a mark. I will be leaving souvenirs of love in every household I’ve touched by capturing a memorable moment in time for them. We live in a time where the saying ‘tomorrow isn’t promised’ is said way too often. Yet, there is so much truth to this saying. I know that a photograph doesn’t replace what is actually there but it is something physical. It is something you can sleep with under your pillow and feel close to a person when they are on the other side of the country. It is also something that can be sized to fit the perfect picture frame and shown to a significant other when they come to your moms house for the first time. 

newly engaged couple taking their engagement photos

A photograph, as they say, says a thousand words. It also gives a person a thousand feelings and it also can bring up a thousand memories. My why is giving my clients something they can hold on to no matter how much time passes. When you capture now, reminisce forever.

Photographer: KB Visualz Studios

Mrs. & Model: Autumn

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