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October 16, 2020

The Story | KB Visualz

The Story

Hey Love! It is very exciting to introduce myself to you here on my new blog. I haven’t had an official blog before unless you count the Tumblr I had where I shared my random crazy thoughts as one lol. Anywho, I’m KB or Karen, Wedding and Portrait Photographer located in New Jersey. I coined the name KB back in high school when I was one of about 3 or 4 Karen’s on my volleyball team. One of my close friends started calling me KB and it made me feel cool. I’m glad I have the nickname now since the memes are going crazy on Karen’s nowadays haha. Hopefully you can tell by now, I’m a rambler and I go off topic a lot lol. This is why photography brings me back in focus (you like what I did there lol). 

Growing up, Video and Photography was not foreign to me. My father had his video camera at every graduation ( I remember my mom recording my feet at my 8th grade graduation smh that lady lol ). I also always had the latest Sony Cybershot on hand after saving all my left-over lunch money to buy it. I loved taking photographs and looking at them later to enjoy the memory. It was no surprise when I got a job at Best Buy and worked in the digital imaging department. Best Buy is then where I bought my first DSLR, Canon T3i, that started my photography career ( I wouldn’t realize this until later ). In 2012, I majored in Video Production at Rutgers University and graduated with my bachelors in a field that I never took too serious. I love creating video and creating images, but I never saw a career in it. I just saw it as a lovely hobby that had been a part of me since childhood. When I started charging 30 bucks in my parents’ basement to photographing my friends and their young kids, it was just a side hustle to me. It remained that way for a long time. Now, looking back, I realized I let my passion for photography take a back seat because I wasn’t confident in my abilities. I didn’t have the mentorship around to feel that I could make it as a photographer. I had the hustle, the passion but no confidence. 

It’s funny how life works. I went through a million jobs before ending up right where I needed to be. I pushed passed those who didn’t believe photography was a real career and the ones who thought my images wouldn’t get me anywhere. I pushed passed my own doubts and found myself finally seeing the vision God saw in me years ago. Now I understand why I had to take the long way. There were things I needed to learn in order to create the vision I have today. Hey yall! I’m KB, Wedding and Portrait Photographer.

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