March 17, 2021

When Should I Book a Wedding Photographer?

“I’m getting married!” is a sentence never to be said without a smile. This is also a sentence that would warm the heart of any wedding photographer lol. I LOVE photographing weddings ( reasons I’m a wedding photographer duh lol ) and being a part of someone’s special day.

Marriage is sacred and to make a commitment and vow to spend your life with someone is a beautiful thing. It’s also serious business so I never recommend taking this step prematurely. This is why it’s important to know when to book a wedding photographer.

Anyways, let’s get down to the nitty gritty. When should you book a Wedding Photographer? If you’re going to spend thousands of dollars on your wedding, it’s very important that you invest in a good photographer to capture this magical day. Book your wedding photographer at least 7-9 months before your wedding date but sooner if you can. My suggestion is to book them once you’ve booked your venue.


  • The Wedding Photographer brings everything together on your wedding day. They provide the vision and creates the heirlooms to many families for a lifetime. You may know what you want, but your photographer can help you bring your ideas to life in a more visually pleasing way.
  • They have connections. A photographer has photographed multiple weddings wherefore they have worked with Wedding Planners, DJ’s, Florists, Makeup Artists, etc. They can be an asset in providing you with good people to add to your vendor list. I personally build a connection with wedding DJs because I have to trust them enough to leave camera equipment by their booth sometimes lol, I also love having great conversation with the bride and makeup artists as they are getting ready before the ceremony. The relationships start at the wedding and continue to collaborations and I personally do not refer anyone I wouldn’t recommend for myself. I have a list of vendors I already know I want at my wedding lol.
  • Photographers become booked up quickly. I book weddings up to 2 years in advance. If you’re looking for a photographer at the last minute, you might end up with someone who isn’t your first choice. THIS IS YOUR WEDDING DAY. You want all your first choice and you don’t want any regrets. This only happens once (hopefully lol *says small prayer for you*)
  • Engagement Session sis! Engagement sessions allow you and the photographer to meet in person, see how you vibe and allows your photographer to be fully prepared to photograph you on your wedding day. They will know the poses you like, your favorite side and it allows you and Bae to feel comfortable posing in front of a professional camera especially if you’ve never done so before. These photos can also be used for your “Save the Date” invitations that you send your guests.


If you are in need of a photographer for your wedding day, look no further because you have come to the right place. I not only capture beautiful photos, I create wedding reels and turn up with you at your wedding lol. We also provide a photobooth and we all know a wedding is no longer a wedding without one. If you want to chat and see if we are the perfect fit, feel free to fill out my contact form. We can talk about your vision and find out if we are the perfect fit. I look forward to hearing from you. Chat soon!

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