April 10, 2021

How Much Should a Wedding Photographer Cost? | KB Visualz Studios

As a Wedding Photographer, I’ve been asked on many occasions, how much does a wedding photographer cost which is a fair question when trying to plan for your wedding. When I respond, some are happy to know I’m in their budget, while others are completely shocked to know the price. This happens because there isn’t really a one price fits all when it comes to these things.

In my personal opinion, I feel that the team that is capturing your wedding photography and bringing everything together should be at least 15% of your budget. This cost includes videography. The three most important and costly vendors at your wedding are your wedding planner, venue and photography and/or videographer. Your wedding planner is the one who brings everything together and saves you a few gray hairs. Your wedding day would not go so smooth without them whether you hire a day of planner or one to help you throughout the journey. The venue is where all your guests are able to come together. Usually, they will provide the staff, dinners and make sure your guests are good throughout your day. Finally, your photographer and/or videographer captures everything.

Married Couple arms interlocked walking in wedding venue

Yes, I’m aware everyone with a phone can be a photographer but the quality, the experience and having someone to capture every moment and not just the moments they feel like changes the game. When you blink and 10 years pass, those visuals you look back on will live forever. The flowers will die, your DJ will retire and your venue could even close down. Who knows (no shade, I’m just telling the truth.) The images and video from your special day will live on forever.

It is so important to invest in your photographer at least, whether your wedding day is big or small. You want someone there to let that day live on. Make sure you combine your vision with your budget when thinking about how much a wedding photographer cost will be. I’d love to join you on your special day. Whether you are in New Jersey or Jamaica, I am down to travel for love! Fill out our contact form and book a consultation. Let’s Chat!

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