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May 5, 2021

Preparing for a Portrait Session

I may be biased, but I believe portrait sessions are very important. For instance, models, small business owners, your family man and your 9-5’er, living their, best life all need professional images.You want to represent your best self. If you have a family or a business, you should schedule a portrait session more frequently, but we won’t get in to that on this blog lol.

portrait session of model posing in a glittery gown at Liberty State Park

That being said, it is important to prepare for your portrait session. Here are a few tips I recommend to all my clients:


I know a lot of us do our own makeup and have a good idea of how to accomplish the look we want but keep in mind that camera brings out everything and you also want to look a little more polished. This means added a little bit more makeup. Most makeup artists, the ones I recommend especially, know how to accomplish this.


Think about it. You take everyday photos all the time. Now you have a professional photographer that you’ve HIRED in front of you capturing fire images (I mean that’s if you booked KB Visualz Studios of course lol). Be your best self that you want to capture. This means:Fresh Hair Cuts

Hair and Makeup

Your Best Suit

Fresh Outfit

Ironed clothing

Fresh Manicure

portrait session of model posing in a glittery gown at Liberty State Park

Whatever you do, enjoy yourself. Make yourself feel like a celebrity for the day. I even recommend making plans to go out afterwards. I’m a big believer in self care so splurging on yourself a little for photographs that you can have forever and even print out for parents or relatives is a beautiful thing. If you photograph with KB Visualz Studios, I’ll make sure to do all I can to make your portrait session a hit. View our gallery to check out more Portrait Sessions here.

Portrait Session of New Jersey model photographed at Liberty State Park in Jersey City, NJ

Location: Liberty State Park Jersey City, NJ

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