May 12, 2021

My Loc Journey

My loc journey was supposed to begin 2012. It never happened lol. The big chop happened, but not the locks. Why is a question that still needs tp be answered lol. I’m not a person who changes their hair often, but that commitment didn’t sit well with me haha.

7 months a 7 days ago , locked and loaded lol. My loc journey finally started after all these years. Somedays I am feeling myself while on some re-twist days, my insecurities get the best of me. All in all, I really am embracing the journey. I think I am embracing it more because as I write this blog, I’m reminded of another reason that deterred me from my loc journey, fear.

As a Jamaican-American, dreadlocks have a bad stigma in Jamaica as much as they do here in the states. People associate locs with drugs, rebellion and just a negative look. It’s weird because locs are such a natural style. It is keeping your hair in a natural form and watching it naturally connect itself. Modern day locs are styled and twisted either by coils or two strand twists. Still, original dreadlocks are formed by leaving hair which begins matting together to create a loc.

3 months loc’d (left), 5 months loc’d (right)

I’m still of course new to the journey, but so far, no regrets. The only possible regret is not starting my loc journey sooner. Watching the growth, the changes and styling locs are amazing. There is also a sigh of relief in the morning not having to worry about what my hair looks like. As a former fro owner, as much as I miss my fro, I don’t miss the maintenance. With my fro, good hair days were a dime a dozen lol.

1 month & 1 week loc’d, 4 months loc’d, 4 months loc’d

I’m trying to hold off, but I am honestly dying to color my hair. One side wants to wait for the one year anniversary, the other side is ready to do it tomorrow lol. Either way, the journey is beautiful. It is empowering and builds confidence. Remember, do what makes you happy. One year loc’d where you at? Feel free to leave a comment if you are loc’d and lovin’ it! Check out my instagram where I post behind the scenes of my photography if you want to see my daily loc life look haha.

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