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May 21, 2021

Becoming A Full Time Photographer | KB Visualz Studios

I never imagined myself being a full time photographer. It was always a career that was too good to be true. How can you make money from something that you love so much and are very passionate about ? I also did not know a lot of photographers back then. If I did, they were doing photography as a side hustle.

Becoming a Full Time Photographer did not become realistic until last year when I joined a program called Photobomb Academy. Photography was always a side hustle but Rhea, my mentor, helped me see the vision. A vision that I only could have seen by the grace of God. I feel when you give God your heart, your time and align yourself with the vision he has for you, he puts people in your path to confirm what he planned. It’s really up to us to get there.

What Have I Learned Becoming a Full Time Photographer?

You can have all the equipment in the world but without strategy, the journey is short lived. Becoming a full time photographer involves strategy, systems, education, consistency, passion and so much more. This separates side hustlers from business owners. You CANNOT create consistent income with just a camera. Consistent income creates consistent work. It’s hard to be consistent at something you do not have the passion for. My passion is what has allowed me to created KB Visualz Studios.

What’s Next For Me on this Journey?

I called it becoming a Full Time Photographer because I am still working a 9-5. Ask me how I do it? But God lol. I personally won’t feel like a Full Time Photographer until I’m at a point where I don’t need my 9-5 anymore to support my business as well as my personal bills. It isn’t easy running a business full time and working a 40 hour job but I make it work. I make the sacrifice now so I can benefit from it later. My goal is to be in a position where I don’t need my job even if I’m still there. I want it to become extra income versus needed income.

What Advice Would I Give Someone?

My advice to anyone wanting to start a full time photography business. Just do it! Find a mentor, invest in education and most importantly, believe in yourself. For my believers, pray. PRAYER with FAITH and WORK is the formula for success. If you need a mentor and interested in one on one coaching with me, click here.

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