June 4, 2021

The First Look on Wedding Day | KB Visualz Studios

Bride approaching her groom before the ceremony as they share a First Look


A First Look is a moment before the ceremony where the Bride and Groom see each other for the first time on their wedding day. Usually it is specifically the bride and groom with photographers and/or videographers present in the distance allowing the couple to share this moment. It has become a debate on whether a lot of couples decide if this is something they want to implement in their wedding day and I’d like to give you my perspective as a wedding photographer.

Beautiful couple sharing moments in their wedding attire after a first look ceremony



The Wedding Day can be a very joyous but also very chaotic day in a couples’ life. There are so many moving pieces that come together in order to make the day special. With that being said, sometimes couples do not get a ton of time to really take in their wedding day and enjoy each other between taking photographs and greeting guests. A First Look allows couples to slow down and take time with one another. It’s a moment where they can admire each other alone and love on each other before the busyness of the day.


The First Look takes place right before the ceremony which is also right after the couple has finished getting ready. They are at their best so to say. Makeup is fresh, lotion is glistening and breath is minty clean haha. Basically, it’s the perfect opportunity to get amazing photos before the ceremony sweats and guest overload takes place. Once again, you save time because instead of taking up your whole cocktail hours with photos, now it’s 20-30 minutes of capturing family formals.

Beautiful couple sharing moments in their wedding attire after a first look ceremony

Now this is very opinionated but I think the First Look is very special. When I get married, I like the idea of my soon to be husband being the first person to see me on OUR special day. I like the fact that we get to share that moment together before all the cell phone photographers and dramatics (had to throw that in lol). I feel the First Look allows time to remember what this day is all about, the two of you.

If you have more questions about First Looks or anything Wedding related, feel free to reach out to KB Visualz Studios!


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