August 19, 2021

Jessenia & Andrew | KB Visualz Studios | The Manor

It’s such a beautiful thing to see how you can feel God in the middle of a faith-based marriage. When you trust in God, he will always deliver. This is how I feel Jessenia & Andrew became one. Now, I haven’t known the couple long (well kind of and not really lol), but from our first interaction to the wedding day, I knew this was a match God ordained. This made capturing their wedding day effortless.

faith-based marriage on their wedding day getting ready

Andrew & Jessenia

Andrew was a referral from a family friend/cousin lol. When we finally had our consultation,I learned he was on the media team in his church. We had this in common as I serve as a media director at mine. In the midst of conversation, I was made to find out he went to my old church and his wife was someone I knew in this small big world lol.

I’m so used to talking to brides initially that it was refreshing to speak with the groom. Andrew was so pleasant with an accommodating spirit. It went well with Jessenia’s bubbly calm vibe on the wedding day. I truly believe nothing could outwardly upset either of them on their wedding day. It reminded me that when God is in your heart, there’s not much place for worry. The same rules apply when God is in your faith-based marriage.

mom and her daughter on her wedding day for her faith-based marraige

Jessenia made a beautiful bride with a beautiful family. Her dress was stunning and her hair with its decor was lovely. She didn’t wear jewelry for religious reasons but it reminded me of how beautiful simplicity is. All you really need on your wedding day is the love of your life and a team of family and friends who are praying and supporting your marriage.

Capturing this wedding was an honor. The venue was beautiful, the couple was beautiful and love was felt throughout the day. I love being a wedding photographer and being a part of the history of love.

wedding ceremony for bride and groom

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