March 24, 2022

Wedding Day Checklist for Bridesmaids

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Picture this, it’s the wedding day for your special friend and you’re so excited to celebrate with her that you forget to prepare yourself. Your earrings, your boob tape, and your extra pair of shoes are all left at home wishing they made the cut for the big day. Not being bridesmaid ready can happen very easily but the good thing is, I have put together this wedding day checklist just for you and the girls!


Bridesmaid Wedding Day Checklist

First things first, your friend and bribe-to-be asked you to be a part of her special day for a reason. Honestly, she considered you as a staple to her future family and her life in general. Showing up prepared and put together contributes to making her day be the best day of her life. As a photographer, I know the “getting ready” process is a busier moment. It can easily become chaotic when you have 7-10 women running around looking for their shoes. 

Alana & Dave Wedding Day

Wedding Day Checklist

  • Of course have your dress steamed (prior to the big day, if you can) 
  • Wedding shoes and change of shoes (for reception) 
  • Deodorant, perfume, tampons
  • Jewelry, accessories, and any hair accessories
  • Robe (if you’re doing a robe photo this is super important) 
  • Make-up wipes
  • Tissues (can never have too many of these)  


** Make a kit of all the non-personal items and pass them out to the bridesmaids before everyone starts getting ready.

Shamaya & Amir Wedding Day

Remember, this day is about coming together to celebrate the union of two important people, and you should be there to support them all the way. Taking the time to prepare ahead allows you to give your full and undivided attention to the bride as her bridesmaid. So while you’re counting down the days to the big day, get your kit together and encourage the other ladies to do the same. See you looking your best, on the big day! 

Melica & Nick Wedding Day

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