June 1, 2022

Guirline + Jacob | KB Visualz Studios

One month ago from today, I had the pleasure to be a part of this beautiful couple’s wedding day at the Lucien’s Manor in Berlin, NJ. It brought me back to their engagement session at Sayen House & Gardens. Their connection makes you smile and their love story is the cutest. The bond these two feel could definitely be felt that day.

Lucien’s Manor is such a beautiful venue. The all white ceremony space is a photographer’s dream! I was so excited walking into this space and seeing how bright and dreamy it was. Not only was the space beautiful but their floral designer was AMAZING. It brought life to not only the ceremony room but the reception as well.

Weddings like this definitely keep me in love with being a Wedding Photographer. Every wedding is like a fairytale. This was also the first wedding I’ve done since my own which made it even more beautiful to me. I was now a part of the crew lol. I went through the picking a venue, picking a location and I swear this bride and I also had a lot in common with what we wanted. It low key made me replay my own wedding in my head at some points lol.

From the Florist to the live music at the ceremony and then again at the reception with one of the hottest DJ’s in Jersey. Everything was on point. The family and bridal party was on point too. I could feel how much they cared about the couple and the success of their special day. 💕

Photography/Cinematography Team | KB Visualz Studios

  1. Guirline Lewis says:

    Reading this was special for Jake and I. From the very start of our Journey with KB and her team, we’ve felt an immense bond and connection. We love the excitement and the energy the team brings when they see us. We are do happy with our pictures and videos. Our day would not have been what it was without KB Visualz and their team.

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