June 30, 2022

Princeton Engagement Photoshoot | Teairha + Equise

I had a great time photographing Teairha + Equise for their Princeton engagement photoshoot. Now, it wasn’t all great because it was really hot this day. Still, when my clients are good sports, it definitely helps me be a good sport as well. I always wanted to shoot at Princeton University so this engagement photoshoot was the perfect opportunity.

What I love about Princeton University is the architecture. The buildings are well built and they are amazing. It Allows you to get all different types of looks because there are a lot of different type of buildings to choose from. I also can’t go without saying that this university’s campus offers my two favorite things to shoot with, columns and brick lol.

Teairha + Equise are a very sweet couple. They are actually a referral of another super sweet couple that I am also doing their wedding. Teairha is a natural beauty that rocked the engagement shoot alongside her finace Equise who was a willing participant in the shoot lol. I’m not sure if I’ve said it before but a lot of guys aren’t always that interested in taking their engagement shoot and that tends to show in the images. Equise wasn’t like that at all.

Overall, we had a great time and got some beautiful images. I cannot wait until wedding day!

Photographer | KB Visualz

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