July 3, 2022

Envue, Autograph Collection | Hodlyne + Jean

My bestfriend’s wedding is probably the only time you’ll see me ugly cry in public. Well, the only good time haha. Thank God I’m not the photographer, but instead, her matron of honor. I get to see my closest friend walk down the aisle months after my own wedding. I not only have the privilege of being by her side at the altar but photographing her couple’s journey before getting there. One of my favorite locations I’ve photographed them is at the Envue, Autograph Collection.

It’s an extra special feeling capturing the love of one of the closest people to me basically my whole life. Hodlyne and I have been bestfriends since we were 10. We’ve never really had a fight or went periods without speaking. I think I’ve spent more hours on the phone with her than I’ve spent with everyone else combined lol.

I am grateful that she allowed me to take not one but a couple photoshoots of her and her husband. I’m not going to toot my own horn. . lies I am TOOT TOOT! Hodlyne + Jean aren’t really picture people but they love being in front of my camera. They both have even said I have given them great tips in posing when it comes photographing.

I really loved taking these engagement photos of Hodlyne + Jean at the Envue, Autograph Collection. It was elegant, classy and perfect location for their all black attire. It was also their wedding venue so I had to come correct as they were using the photos to display with their decor on wedding day. I know its going to be an amazing feeling, seeing my images spread so beautiful throughout their wedding venue that day. I know I have a lot of whys but this has to be one of them.

Photographer | KB Visualz

Makeup Artist | Felicia Graham Beauty

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