November 8, 2022

Domino Park | Jahleel + Leotha

It’s funny how I’ve always wanted to photograph at Domino Park but never had the time until I had my first Domino Park Engagement photoshoot. I met my Caribbean homies over zoom where they locked in photographing at this location in addition to their wedding venue. The venue was literally a 2 min walk from Domino Park so it was perfect. There was also great weathe. It was a little sunny (my photographers can relate) but some great shaded areas for us to photograph at. I don’t do a lot of New York engagement shoots but their shoot was fire.

I think Domino Park is a dope location for a New York engagement shoot. It reminds me of Liberty State Park in the sense that there is a great variety. You can switch from urban street to high end quickly. One of my favorite parts about this park is the elevated walkway. There’s nothing up there so it’s the perfect place to go when you want to get a way from the crowd. It allows you to still get the beauty of the park but also get bridge without everyone walking by.

This is another couple that I was able to capture both their wedding and engagement photoshoot at the same place. It made for great images for their wedding decor. The guest could see them in a completely different vibe and the same location. When you look at their engagement photos versus their wedding, you wouldn’t be able to tell they were photographed at the same place right away. I was the photographer and I barely could lol.

I always tell my couples if you’re going to do casual, make it count. They aren’t big baseball fans but they wanted to rep their love for New York. This was a great theme for their engagement photoshoots.

Photographer | KB Visualz Studios

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