January 12, 2023

What Marriage Means To Me

I manifested and prayed for this one. Little did I know, he was doing the same. We have so much to talk about but first let me introduce myself!

Kyra & Crys

Meet Kyra

My name is Kyra, nice to meet you all! I am the Head Administrative Assistant and newest team member at KB Visualz Studios. It is a dream to be part of a team where I am involved in what I believe in the most. LOVE, MARRIAGE & WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY!

My Background & Marriage Foundation

I am from New Jersey but was raised in a Jamaican cultured home with 3 siblings and a big non-immediate family. My parents are from Kingston, Jamaica. They did not have much BUT having God, love and family was priceless. They have been married for 46 years & best friends for over 51 years. I asked my mom what marriage means to her & her response was, “First of all it’s God’s way. It is security, love, family, children, respect, happiness, friendships, togetherness, joy and so much more”. My parents love story is the premise of my foundation with what marriage means to me.

Disney Springs Resort

What Marriage Means To Me

Marriage has the power to create & break generational curses, when done right. I believe marriage is a deep experience that once shared, you are sacredly bonded with a unique connection that no one else understands. You and your partner have the power to shape and mold your future, and you are the author of your love story. For this reason, choosing a team mate to do life with is personal and one of the most important decisions of my life. This person can directly impact your happiness, mental status, financial stability, confidence and so much more. IT IS A BIG DEAL!

Disney Springs Resort

How I Got Here

This was my partner and I 1st photoshoot together in Disney Springs Resort & we was so nervous! We wanted to prepare for future engagement and wedding shoots. We can’t wait to get married someday & love this period of learning what that entails. My partner is my best friend, whom I cherish & is so close to my heart. I will have more on us and how to prepare for shoots later! Thanks to KB, we felt at ease by her direction. And due to our nerves, boy did we needed it lol. I was so impressed by KB. I had no idea I would be apart of KB’s team during this shoot. God works in mysterious ways!

Photography | KB Visualz Studios

See You Soon !

You guys will be on this love journey with me, as I will hopefully be a part of yours. Even if it is behind the scenes. I cannot wait to witness new ways I can see couples show love. I am truly excited to work at KB Visualz Studios and be a part of a team that not only shows love, but captures love from all angles. See you guys soon!

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