February 4, 2023

Why Is Photography Important?

It Should Be Important To You

Is getting professional photos for my event worth it? Why is photography important in the first place? Is getting a wedding photo album needed? In the heat of planning, let’s be honest, these questions are circling your brain because you are trying to budget and see what you can do without. So, let’s get straight to why photography is important and why it should be important to you for your future events.

Photography Is Important

The way I perceive photos is similar to moments being frozen in time. As we seen during Covid and experiencing life, the moments we have is cherish-able. Sometimes we remember how valuable a memory is, when it is long gone, with nothing to remind us but the memories in our mind. Having memories in our mind, may not be enough to pass down. Photos play a huge role because it is a tangible product that reminds us of the past, future, feelings, places, people and things. It connects us, no matter what generation. This is why when you have an event, it is the perfect occasion to have professional photos.

Why You Need Professional Photography

It is important to have a professional photographer at your event or wedding. A GOOD, one that knows what they are doing. I always hear KB mention to her clients, “Have an expert vendor”. Think of it this way, a makeup artist that does not do weddings, is not going to know certain things. This may pertain to them not knowing how to the manage the quantity of a bridesmaids party + bride in a certain amount of hours.

Wedding Photographer

The same applies to a photographer. If you are having a wedding, have a vendor expert who is good at weddings. A photographer who does not do 8-10 hours of photography is not going to know the stress, anticipation or scheduling arrangements that comes with a wedding day. To take it a step further, they may not know how to improvise with a team, when things do not go accordingly. Things not going accordingly is common on a wedding day. It is important to keep things going smoothly.

Quality Team & Details Over Everything

There are more reasons to why photography is important for your event. High quality equipment and a team of professional photographers, allow the best quality photos from all angles. You are guaranteed the absolute best. Another reason is details. We spend so much money, time and effort for our events to be exactly what we envision. It can feel like a waste if there was no keep sake, like photos, of the decor and the details.

Do It For Love

Nevertheless, if you are ever debating to have a professional photographer for your event, debate no more. It is absolutely worth it, not just for you. Having this tangible product can be used to show to your children, be passed down to your children’s children. It will be worth a lifetime for generations to come. Just like this lovely couple will do who got married in Penn Oaks Golf Club.

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