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March 3, 2023

Destination Wedding | Vasthie + Mike’s Wedding Day

First Destination Wedding

Don’t you love a good beach wedding? In this case, Vasthie and Mike’s wedding day is much more. It was also a getaway held at Playa Mujeres Resort in Cancun, Mexico. The excitement was high for everyone including the team. This is due to Vasthie & Mike being the team’s first destination wedding. Let me tell you, it was a BEAUTIFUL introduction. The hotel is beautiful and it felt like paradise although it was separated. One half is called Dreams which was for kids and adults. While the other side is called Secrets, for adults only. We were able to experience both sides. Both sides were well worth the views!

Vasthie & Mike’s Family

Vasthie and Mike’s wedding was intimate with primarily family and closest friends. The family is amazing and heart felt. They have a very close knit family, so it was a natural celebratory vibe. Ironically, Vasthie is friends with my best friend. Vasthie and I could connect easily being we share a mutual friend, whom is also part of the wedding party. Because the families are so close, it was emotionally capturing. Capturing the love + the families love for the couple, was by far the highlight of the wedding day. You can feel the love and emotion.

A Beautiful Start to Destination Weddings

Did I mention there were gifts? Lol. Gifts was given by both the bride and groom to their respective parties. Some of the items included jewelry pieces that were fit for the beach. It was pleasantly thoughtful. The décor of the wedding was simple but so cute being it blended perfectly with the beach atmosphere. Vasthie and Mike’s Destination Wedding is a wedding the team will always remember. Nevertheless, being Vasthie and Mike is the team’s first destination wedding, it was a great first experience that will prepare us for more to come. Vasthie and Mike’s wedding set the tone for destination weddings going forward!


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