March 14, 2023

Waterside Events Engagement Session | Shanique + Rich

I was super excited to capture the engagement session of Shanique and Richard at their wedding venue Waterside Events in North Bergen, New Jersey. They wanted to take photos at their venue before wedding day and I thought that was a good idea. It’s not only great visually but it definitely allows me to begin the vision of what wedding day will look like for the couple.

As a photographer, it was refreshing to see white walls at this venue and a killer view. The icing on the cake was a beautiful couple kill an all black look the way they did. Shanique had a glitter black gown which gave off such an elegant look that matched Richard’s formal all black suit ensemble. When couples look good, they feel good. It helps in portraying their genuine chemistry between each other. Shanique and Richard definitely had genuine chemistry.

One of my favorite parts about this session was watching the way Rich cared for Shanique. He was just so gentle with her and I loved it. Richard has been in front of the camera a few times but this was a first for her. Honestly, 20 minutes into the shoot, you couldn’t tell it was her first. I do feel like a lot of that energy came from Richard. He was soft, subtle but let his beautiful fiancee know she was beautiful and rocking the shoot. I played my part too by being my excited hype woman self every few frames lol.

This engagement session definitely helped me connect with the couple and get glimpse of what wedding day will be like working with them. I am grateful Waterside Events allowed us to come in a take these images wherever we wanted in their venue. I’m super excited for wedding day ya’ll. Let’s get married!

KB | Lead Photographer at KB Visualz Studios

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