When I'm not obsessing over photography, you'll probably find me binge watching Law & Order: SVU (repeats and all), HGTV or some drama filled reality show lol. On a good day, you could find me on a 4 mile running with Bae or working out in my backyard. In conclusion you'll either find me super productive or super bum mode.
We live in a time where people are so distant from one another and something as simple as reading about me is a bore ( you see what I did there lol). No one answers the phone or meets in person anymore. People want your money but don't want to get to know you. I don't mind a 'click it then hit' photoshoot here and there but I love creating a memorable experience with my clients. Whether I'm shooting a portrait session or a wedding, I want my clients to know that their photographer cares. They had someone who valued their moment like they were family. I want you to feel like family or at least like a friend.

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"I want you to feel like family or at least a friend."

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